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  1. Is anyone on this site aware of the activity of this link – http://georgewhitesscandals.com/ ? when you google the name George White you find this:

    George White’s Scandals
    georgewhitesscandals.com/ – Cached – Similar

    The curious thing is that almost 30 links to George Hunter White (the OSS head and major perpetrator of MKULTRA) who I believe was a relocated Nazi (Operation Paperclip) have dissappeared over the last couple weeks. Just curious if you were curious. – John Thrasher

  2. Thanks for the info. Not surprised that continuing efforts being made to minimise/hide/obfuscate about MKULTRA and derivatives. The whole mind-control thing is central to Intell special/covert ops and dirty tricks of all kinds.

    Wikispooks is only a few months old and the todo list is astronomical with just one pair of hands to action most of it. Why not chip in?

  3. It’ll be interesting to see if you manage to turn up some details about the targeted individual system, ‘microwave ops’, microwave denial attacks, directed energy weapons, gang stalking, gaslighting and the rest of the methods available to today’s national security and military intelligence corporations.

    There has been some evidence of an escalation in these activities recently: the widely-reported story of the four television presenters who started to speak gibberish on air (three of them live newscasts), who it was widely reported (even in the mainstream press) could have been victims of microwave ‘mind control’ attacks.

    The logo of the site appears to be the usual masonic/illuminati stylized eye-in-the-pyramid-type thing – is that a clue as to who runs this site? Could it be an attempt to take control of the wiki-leaks journalistic sector?

    Time will tell…perhaps!

  4. The logo of the site appears to be the usual masonic/illuminati stylized eye-in-the-pyramid-type thing – is that a clue as to who runs this site? Could it be an attempt to take control of the wiki-leaks journalistic sector?

    The reality is more prosaic. Logos are awkward things to get right; right in the sense of conveying the essence of the organisation they are intended to represent whilst being memorable, easy on the eye, etc.

    The Wikispooks logo is the result of my trawling around for images that represented simple but impossible/ridiculous real constructs (official narratives). Having settled on the impossible triangle (legislature, executive, judiciary: the tools of the powers that shape those narratives), the bright illumination spot sat naturally within it’s centre of gravity (rather than at the ‘Illuminati’ apex). A load of old bollox maybe but it seemed to fit the bill to me.

    Wikispooks isn’t seeking to take over anything. As of some 10 months operation to date, it remains largely a one-man-operation.

    As for the latest harassment/control technologies available to the SIS’s these days; I agree; interesting stuff. Anything that sheds further light on it is welcome on Wikispooks.

  5. Thanks for your reply. Wikispooks seems an interesting site, with enlightening views. Unlike the spooks themselves, I’m not too concerned by not knowing whether that pesky pyramid is there because you’re 0wned by the Illuminati.

    My main concern here is that microwave radioweapons (biological ‘disruptors’ which I believe in future will be outlawed by international law) are proliferating secretly throughout the cryptocracy. This seems most probable since their maximum advantage is gained by this approach, and any state that tried to reveal them would place itself at a disadvantage and could be victimised by others that kept the weapons secret.

    Secrecy implies that the testing programmes also must be secret, and it is a matter of record that the public has been used as a testbed for secret weapons several times in the past, even in ‘democracies’. I see no reason to believe that the radioweaponeers would balk at the prospect this time, and indeed there is much anecdotal evidence to indicate they have not.

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