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  1. Many thanks for the links.

    - Aangirfan

  2. I am not fan of Monbiot but he is right. It is strange synergy between so-called left and right in the West. They are one of the same, they belong to neoliberal, imperialist, neonazi coin. When I read article like this I go back in history and remind myself that Rosa Luxembourg is murdered by social-democrat government. Or, in one book I read that Goring belonged to left fraction of Nazi regime.
    It is no different today. People like Herman, Chomsky, Cockburn, Pilger, Johnson, Petras. guy from are corporatist pawns who imitate “free speech” and “investigative journalism”. And it appears that include the creator of this site.
    In other words there are no better, there are worst: because they entering confusion in honest and well interned people,
    They are in like of thinking like this guy:—the-cost-of-historical-amnesia.html

  3. neretva’43

    I doubt any of those you quote thinks like the author of the Jihad-watch piece; I certainly don’t. The difference is that I (we) prefer to focus on the crimes of today ILLUMINATED by history, rather than seeking to justify our own barbarity on the 300 years old alleged babarities of our alleged enemies

    How about a suggestion as to just who we should be listening too?

  4. What Chomsky and Herman and the rest of the camp are writing is not journalism nor history. It is garbage and sensationalism, they simply mudding the water and trying to grab an attention of media and population.

    The fresh example are Chris Hedges and Huan Cole, both, alleged antiglobalists and antiimperialists, and yet they are supporting aggression and cannibalization of Libya under excuse that Qaddafi is tyrant!

    These people do not have decency, integrity and intellectual capacity toward the truth. They grew up and raised in totalitarian regime and atmosphere of fear, and they will write whatever they been ordered. Vast majority of journalists and academia is product of liberal totalitarianism, or, nation (racist) state. H.G. Wells called it: Liberal Fascism. Divide on “left” and “right” is superficial, progressive as well.

    “How about a suggestion as to just who we should be listening too?”

    Nobody, read this: “Who Funds the Progressive Media?”

    Certainly not Cockburn, Hedges, Huan Cole, crypto-left Chomsky, Herman etc.

  5. “What Chomsky and Herman and the rest of the camp are writing is not journalism nor history…. The fresh example are Chris Hedges and Huan Cole….”

    Who exactly is “the rest of the camp” you’re referring to, and who is outside of it?

    E.g., Pilger and Cole stand on the opposite sides in relation to the Libyan conflict. You really claim they are in the same camp, or they are both sell-outs? How exactly?

    More basically: unlike Hedges and Cole, Chomsky, Pilger and Herman are in the eighth / ninth decade of their lives. The later three cannot be intellectually as quick and supple-minded as in their younger days, though they still rely on the available evidence.

    You condemn them after their lifetimes of work that is outstanding both intellectually and morally. Isn’t that graceless, nay, INDECENT?

  6. P.S. I forgot to mention Cockburn; everything I said of Pilger applies to Cockburn as well.

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