Jul 172011

by Mouamar Adul naser

We have seen your democracy in Iraq, and we witnessed with great admiration your highest human rights record in Abu Ghraib and Basra. We also remember your highest business standards in the Yamama deal with the Saudis. We know very well you ethics, principles and values especially during the 2010 bombing of Gaza

Mouamar Adul naser tells former British ambassador to Libya.

Mr Oliver Miles a former British ambassador to Libya 1981-84, advised NATO and the rebels to cut oil supplies, as the only means to strangle Tripoli. He also found the killing of the young al Hamidi children acceptable, as part of the NATO humanitarian intervention. Sorry MR Ambassador, it was a bad ambassadorial advice, and the spirit of the children will always haunt their killers.

I have read your recent article in the Guardian newspaper. I am writing to you to raise some points in response to the claims you made. I challenge you to name any high ranking officer among those who were targeted in Al Hamidi housing compound. The women and children were in their sleep when at 4 clock in morning where without any warning, a shower of eight missiles killed them. It was a premeditated murder of the highest degree committed by the British pilots from high above. To all of us, this NATO crime will always be a reminder of the savagery of the west. Like the concentration camp of Al Agheala by the Italian invaders in 1911, this horrendous murder by NATO in 2011 will just be remembered the same way by future Libyan generations.

Do you have the courage to visit Libya now Mr. Miles? Just as you used to do many times before. You were coming on trade missions to promote personal and British business interests. You were indeed delighted to meet the same people you are trying to denounce today Mr. Ambassador. You were also happy to honor their invitations to speak in their conferences and attend their events. Like western political or business leaders who were very pleased to visit the tent, with an occasional kiss on the hand or smell of a shoe. They were also happy to be the host of Gaddaffi or his son in their countries. I can assure you Tripoli is safer than ever before. I will take you to tour the compound and see if you find any evidence of military purpose, or indeed any high ranking officer among Al Hamidi family that you falsely claim.

The other point is the TNC representative you mentioned. Let us first just look at this more closely. This body was self-created and members were self appointed. They represent nobody but themselves. They are ex ministers and individuals who were in office for as long as this regime existed. The majority are part of a corrupt circle that was part of the problem of this country. Libyans are happy to see them gone and believe me nobody will shed any tears on their departure. The mix of islamists, Muslim brotherhood, Libyan fighting group and Guantanamo graduates Libya allowed back into society. The other lot is what we Libyans call dual nationality group, that have not lived in Libya for decades. A lot of them are really low quality beggars, recently were begging Saif in London for some handouts. Your friend Juma Alghumati is just one of them. Juma Alghumati from London and Ali Altarhouni from Washington are right to feel a sense of gratitude to NATO, as Anglo-Saxons but not as Libyans.

We Libyan always remember things like the 1917 declaration, the 1956 and 1967 attacks on Naser in which the Tobruk base played a major role. We remember the land mines of your wars left behind in our beloved land, killing us even today, and ruining our agricultural potential. We remember your fourteen barracks occupying Benghazi and your oil companies sucking our national wealth. However, we equally remember with great pride the 28th of March 1970, the day Gaddaffi revolution ordered your army to leave Libya, marking the first real independence of the country. It was a day of real glory when your flag had to be lowered down and by God, will never rise again on our great land. All your banks your oil companies, were nationalized to ensure our economic independence, and exercise real control over our national wealth.

All names of streets, barracks and places written in English disappeared, to allow our Arabic language and culture to prevail. All your bars, discos and alcohol trading shops were closed to retune to Libya its religious identity. If the British are still nostalgic about all of this after forty years, I can assure you we will not let it happen again, only on our dead bodies Mr. Ambassador! Your advice to NATO and their rebels to cut the oil pipeline to strangle us may not be as simple as may think. Libyans will defend their national wealth which transferred this huge country to a modern one in four decades. Electricity, water, health, housing, education, roads and many other services reached every remote corner of Libya. We have the highest income per capita in Africa and our literacy rate is second to none. International organizations have put Libya high on the human development indicators. It will be a fight as fierce as the Italian found on their excursion to the fourth shore in 1911. The sovereign wealth fund which makes the west and their rebels’ mouth water will not be as easy either. We will fight it in every court in the world and confront this biggest international theft.

We Libyans are expected to contribute to the war effort. If the military need the fuel to defeat NATO and their rebels, we will be happy to give it up. Most of what you say about the damage to the pipeline is wishful thinking. Your advice to strangle The Libyan people leaving them without electricity, water and other services is to be expected from somebody whose country caused most suffering to the Arabs. Anyway, our grand fathers fought you with bare minimum and so will we. By God, nobody in Nafousa or anywhere will be able to implement your tactics. You probably wish for more destruction to ensure future business contracts but this will not be the case. The endgame Mr. ambassador, will be you ending in a resounding defeat by the Libyan people. Neither NATO, nor their rebels or their Gulf democratic allies!! Will ever succeed in making Libyans submit.

We have seen your democracy in Iraq, and we witnessed with great admiration your highest human rights record in Abu Ghraib and Basra. We also remember your highest business standards in the Yamama deal with the Saudis. We know very well you ethics, principles and values especially during the 2010 bombing of Gaza. The double standards and the moral corruption of the west are Chrystal clear today to everybody, Mr. Ambassador. The Hypocrisy of most western leaders and businessmen cannot be missed by even a blind or a deaf person. We perfectly understand why Libya and why Gaddaffi, Mr. Ambassador. He has consistently stood up and said no to you, from Africa to New York. He remains true to his word and will always be until the last moment.

Thank very much Mr. Ambassador and hope to see you in the lobbies of one of Tripoli hotels soon with hug green Libyan flag, not the other one you probably wish. Yes, the green, not the one which reminds us of the days when you were the real masters and we, the Libyans were the slaves!

Honorable Libyan with one true Libyan nationality and a one who will never sell Libya cheap.

Mr. Mouamar Adul naser

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  1. Well said my brother. Tell all the Libyans who agree with you and who believe in Allah that
    only their determination will defeat their enemies.

    “Do they then expect (Anything) but (What happened In) the days of men
    Who passed away before them? Say: “Wait ye then:
    For I, too, will wait with you.”


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