Mar 312011

Did any of those starry-eyed ‘Humanitarian Interventionists’ NOT expect this? Seriously?

Expect a lot more where this came from. It’s called ‘protecting the civilian population’ – NATO style.

New York Daily News
March 31, 2011

40 civilians reportedly killed in NATO air strikes on Tripoli; Defense Secretary
to address congress
BY Lukas I. Alpert

At least 40 civilians have been killed in NATO air strikes on Tripoli, the
Vatican’s top envoy to Libya said Thursday.

“They are killing dozens of civilians,” said Bishop Giovanni Innocenzo
Martinelli. “In the Tajoura neighborhood, around 40 civilians were killed, and a
house with a family inside collapsed.”

“In the Buslim neighborhood, due to bombardments, a civilian building came down,
although it is not clear how many people were inside.”

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