Jun 192011

Joint Press release from Brian’s Family and The  Parliament Sq Peace Campaign:

Saturday 18th June 2011

Dear friends and supporters,

It is with deepest regret that I inform you that our father, Brian, passed away this morning.  As you know he was battling lung cancer, and was having treatment in Germany. He left us in his sleep and in no pain, after a long, hard fight.

With your help we have been able to share months more than we should have had with him, and for that we are eternally grateful.  We would like to have this time to be together as a family, to share in the love he gave us, and respectfully ask that you allow us this time undisturbed.  We will make further arrangements known to you all in due course.

Once again thank-you for your kindness and continued support,

Kind regards,

Brian’s family.


Babs was with Brian when sadly he passed away early on Saturday morning.

The Parliament Square Peace Campaign extend their deepest sympathies to Brian’s family. We would also like to thank all the very many kind people who supported and took such special care of Brian during his illness.

Brian showed great determination and courage during the many long hard years he led his Peace Campaign in Parliament Square, during which it is well documented that he was relentlessly persecuted by the authorities which eventually took its toll on his health.

Brian showed the same courage and determination in his battle with cancer. He was keenly aware of and deeply concerned that so many civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine did not have access to the same treatments that were made available to him.

Parliament, the police, and courts etc, should forever be ashamed of their disgraceful behaviour towards Brian.

Brian is an inspiration to all in our campaign and we appreciate the many messages of support for Brian whose spirit continues to guide us in the work we do.

We love & miss Brian very much.

We know that it was Brian’s greatest wish that everyone should take responsiblity to do what they can to stop the government murdering innocent civilians in ongoing illegal wars of aggression.

It is clear that if everyone showed the same courage as Brian, in challenging this government, that many lives would be saved, now.

We only have to look to the Arab World to see what is possible in what are historical times.

Further arrangements for Brian will be posted on our website.

Love, Peace, Justice For All,

Brian Haw’s Parliament Square Peace Campaign.

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Jun 162011

So you thought eugenics was a thing of the past – a nasty racist program,  researched and promoted by wicked Nazis but long since exposed and relegated to the dustbin of history ???

Think again my friend.

The video is of  US Department of Defense officials discussing the release of a suitable respiratory virus, such as a strain of flu, to legitimize a vaccination program response which would include FunVax (Fundamentalists vaccine) to manipulate the God Gene in DNA of those inoculated in order to eliminate religious fundamentalism.

HONEST – I am NOT making this up.

And doesn’t it have an uncomfortably familiar ring to it – what with so-called ‘Swine-flu’ and the hyped-up, panicky response to it – a sort of dry-run you might say?

Q: So what we have got here, is by spreading this virus, we are going to eliminate individuals who are going on to a bomb fest, who are going into a market and blowing it apart.

A: Our hypothesis is that these are fanatical people, that they have over expression of the VMAT2 gene and by “vaccinating” them against this we’ll eliminate this behavior.

As the DOD ‘Expert’ says:

The vaccination  would essentially have the effect of turning a fanatic into a normal person.

A “Normal Person” eh?

“Normal” by what standard exactly?

Why, by the standards of the Military – or rather those who give them their orders – of course.

This is seriously scary stuff and these guys are in earnest.  Since the information in the video is old-hat (2005)  – and especially old-hat to the arbiters of global power – it begs the question just how far surreptitious vaccination using aerosols  (aka chem-trails) and other pretexts/programs/methods  may already have progressed?

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Jun 122011

By Sabine – Sovereign Independent The Independent published The Untold Story of Gagging Orders on 25 May 2011: while 69 injunctions refer to celebrities, 264 concern children and young adults, generally to “protect” their interests. In reality, these ‘injunction orders’ or ‘reporting restriction orders’ are used to protect the perpetrators who hand over children to their abusive parent or put them in foster care as a precursor for ‘forced adoptions’. Forced Adoptions is the website by former Local Councillor Ian Josephs who has a law degree from Oxford University and runs language schools in Monaco. He has been helping families since the 60s, on average ……. [Full Post]

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Jun 102011
The legendary George Carlin

A few favorite George Carlin moments captured in about 10 minutes of YouTube video. American double standards Conspiracy theorists I gave up on my species Swearing on the bible Don’t miss the top two -  Deep insight, wisdom and pure hilarity. The depressing thing is that he’s probably right about the futility of political action  

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May 132011
US is Starting the Baluchi Insurrection

Tony Carlucci – Land Destroyer Blog In the shadow of the “Bin Laden” media circus and increasingly aggressive rhetoric between Washington and Islamabad, the corporate-financier funded NGOs that fomented the “Arab Spring” are now cultivating a united Baluchi front ahead of a proposed US-funded Baluchistan insurrection. As early as 2006, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace identified Pakistan’s Baluchistan province as a potential point of leverage against Islamabad and an opportunity to assert foreign intervention. In a 2006 report by the corporate-financier funded think tank titled, “Pakistan: The Resurgence of Baluch Nationalism,” violence starting as early as 2004-2005 is described. According to the report, 20% ……. [Full Post]

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May 132011
Jury Rejects State Charges against 7/7 Ripple Effect’s Muad’Dib

By Dr Nick Kollerstrom At 4pm on Thursday 12th May at Southwark Crown Court the jury returned and declared Muad’Dib (Anthony John Hill) innocent of attempting to ‘pervert the course of justice’. Mr. Hill has spent 151 days incarcerated in Wandsworth prison over the past few months and this verdict spared him, mercifully, a sentence of up to 20 years in jail. His offence? He had sent six DVD copies of his film ‘7/7: The Ripple Effect’ to various persons at the time (in 2008) of the trial in Kingston of three ‘terror’ suspects, alleged co-conspirators with the London ‘suicide bombers’. The DVD’s were intercepted ……. [Full Post]

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Apr 282011
Who's Who at The Royal Wedding

“Out beyond ideas of right thinking and wrong thinking, there is a field, I’ll meet you there.” Rumi (1207-1273.) The Survivable, the Bad and the Over the Top The wedding of the heir to the British throne, Prince William Arthur Philip Louis of Wales, to his lady friend of eight years Catherine Elizabeth Middleton (“Kate”) promises to be a modest affair, in these austere times, with nineteen hundred guests, a near unprecedented police presence, possibly a thousand members of the armed forces lining the route the couple will take to the ceremony, in the nine hundred years old, Westminster Abbey, on 29th April. Beneath streets ……. [Full Post]

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Apr 272011
"The British Police are the best in the world"

By Richard Seymour – Lenin’s Tomb Take a deep breath, and don’t let it out until you’ve finished this sentence: the Metropolitan Police are charging Alfie Meadows with ‘violent disorder’. Now you can collect your jaw from the floor. Alfie Meadows is the student who was beaten so badly by police that he had to undergo serious brain surgery. He was also, reportedly, denied an ambulance by police for a considerable period of time. When he finally boarded an ambulance, police attempted to prevent the ambulance from delivering him to Charing Cross hospital on the grounds that the hospital was reserved for the treatment of ……. [Full Post]

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Apr 252011

When the Lights go out Related: Coming Chaos: Part 1 – Systemic Collapse.  Part 3 – Post-Peak economics by Peter Goodchild The first distinct sign of systemic collapse will be the increasing frequency of electrical-power failures (Duncan, 2000, November 13; 2005-06, Winter). Throughout the world, electricity comes mainly from coal, natural gas, nuclear power plants, or hydroelectric dams, and all of them are bad choices. Most electricity in the US and Canada is produced by fossil fuels, and in the US that generally means coal. The first problems with electricity will serve as an advance warning, but the greatest danger will occur years later as ……. [Full Post]

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Apr 162011
When War Games Go Live

“Staging” a “Humanitarian War” against “SOUTHLAND” – Under an Imaginary UN Security Council Resolution 3003 by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky of Global Research Readers are invited to think and reflect on the logic of military planning. Military operations of this size and magnitude are never improvised. The war on Libya as well as the armed insurrection were planned months prior to the Arab protest movement… Libya, 19 March 2011 No Fly Zone under Security Council Resolution 1973. a “Humanitarian War” is Launched. We were led to believe that the protest movement in Egypt and Tunisia had spread to Libya. And that the insurrection in Libya was ……. [Full Post]

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